Work So Far

Below I have split my three sections: Storyboards, College/University and Intership.

Each of these sections showcase a different part of my story so far, with design, development and professionalism all coming through the work below.

I have chosen to include all my work as it shows a jounrey, rather than a destination.


Before development can begin on a website, designs must be created and agreed upon so that both the client and devloper have a good idea of what the final product will look like.

Below I have included a few storyboards that were turned into websites during my college and university course. While these give good ideas of how a web product will look when delivered, they may differ from the final design due to a client's demands or a developer's advice.

Click here to see some Story Boards!

Web Products

During my studies I have had to create many different styles of websites. Below are short blurbs about each project I have made during my web education.

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First Year

HNC Digital Design. This was at City of Glasgow college and was an introduction to web technologies, user experince design and object-oriented programming.

The Black Keys

Screen Grab of the black keys website

My first full web product was to be created for a band. I chose The Black Keys because I was listening to them a lot at the time and thought they had a really good colour scheme in their latest release.

Music Online

Office table with various platforms

The music based websites kept up this year and we were asked to create a website with a working backend database. This site allows users to search through a database to get an album along with its information to display.

Calorie Counter

Crowded Street

The Calorie Counter was a Jquery Mobile app that allowed users to search for food and drink items and find out nutriational information about them. The user could then add this item to a list that would count the calories they had consumed that day.

Second Year

HND Digital Design and Development. My second year at City of Glasgow College delved more into web technologies, human computer interfaces and finished with a self guided, live client graded unit.

Human Computer Interface

Man working on art

My HCI studies were centred around a project for creating a website that would have many different types of users. The challenge here was to take three different user profiles, create scenarios for these characters and then build a website that would suit their needs. The website was a letting agency that was to be used for both tennants and landlords.

Building Blocks

Office table with various platforms

The Building Blocks website was to be aimed at preschool children. This site had a few mini games invovled, such as a card game, a quiz and a jigsaw. This was all created using jquery.

Graded Unit - Shilling Brewing Co

Crowded Street

This was my first taste at working with a live client. The Shilling Brewing Company, operating out of West George Street, Glasgow, gave me access to photographs and other resources to build them an interactive website. As part of my Grade Unit I had to have weekly meetings with the clients and my lecture to ensure everything was developing along to the projected timeline.

Thrid Year

Hons Web Design and Development. I moved my studies to Edinburgh Napier University to further my education into advance web technolgies, digital storytelling and user centred organisation systems.


Man working on art

This web product was my first introduction to Python's microframework Flask. This really helped me to create dynamic websites with less code repatition.

Group Project - Edinburgh Napier CRM

Office table with various platforms

A group project in which five students had to design a web portal for the Napier University staff to allow potiental Graduate Apprentice applicants to apply online.

This site is still live now and can be seen at this link


Crowded Street

A Flask clone of instagram that worked with SQLite3 in the back. This used UploadCare to store and edit images on the fly.


The Design Department Logo

Since Febuary 2019, I have been lucky enough to have a position at The Design Departments office working at a junior web developer.

This has given me great experiance working with clients as well as being pushing to produce quality websites to a strict timeline.

My main tasks at work here is upkeeping the 30+ accounts we have. We recently moved all of these accounts from one server to another and this has taught me a lot about web hosting and cyber security

SCS Group

SCS Logo

This was the first project I have been put on to work. I have created all the HTML, CSS and PHP code used throughout this site and continue to work maintence on it, adding extra features as the client requests

The graphics for this site were created by The Design Department and the photographs were provided by SCS Group.

You can visit the site by clicking Here!

Platinum House

Platium House Logo

Platinum house is an office building in the southside of Glasgow that caters todays smaller businesses that are looking for a location to work in.

This was a brief project and only took a week from start to completion. This is due to the clients wanting to get themselves onto the web as fast as possible.

You can visit the site by clicking Here!