From a static website for personal use, to a dynamic web application that can boost a business, I want to make a product that caters to your needs.

Being a current university student, I am learning the newest technolgies available on the market. These new styles and techniques will be used throughout the whole development process.

Not everyone needs a powerful, event driven, content management systemc. We can talk about what product you currently need and fit it into a price plan that won't break the bank.

Basic Package

Five Static Pages!

The basic package comes with five HTML pages and a CSS file that will hold the styles for these pages. The package will be created to your design specifics and can have basic interactivity as well as a contact form.


Basic oldschool computer

Intermediate Package

Basic Package + Blog!

This package comes complete with everything in the basic package as well as a blog.

This will be accessable through an admin panel that only you and whomever you chose will have access to.

This panel has an intuitive design so creating your own blog posts will feel easy and natural.


Flashy computer set up

Advanced Package

Intermidate Package + Search Functionality!

The advanced package will include everything mentioned before and search functionality and analytics embbed into the website. This is more catered towards larger websites that would have a catelogy of products that would be stored within a database that could be control through the admin panel.


IMB Servers